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Winter Landscaping Ideas To Liven Up Your Vienna, VA Home

Many homeowners in Northern Virginia, in communities such as Ashburn, VA, Burke, VA and Centreville, VA, believe landscaping is only intended to make the outside of your home look as nice as the inside does. While that is true to some extent, when planted and planned properly, your landscaping can do much more than that. When planted near a home — even within a couple of feet — the landscaping elements you have so painstakingly chosen for around your Middleburg, VA home can minimize cold drafts and the harsh winds of a winter storm before they reach your home.

Evergreens species include pine trees and spruce trees, and the names are often used interchangeably. These typically large trees have the structure and fortitude to survive the harsh conditions of the winter months, while also adding greens to the landscapes of winter. One evergreen that is typically overlooked is ivy. Ivy can easily be manipulated to grow wherever you want it to, making it a great way to cover the ground and add a splash of color along the base of your Arlington, VA home. Consult an expert to select an ivy varietal that will complement your landscape design without becoming invasive.

Consider planting trees that produce berries in the winter, often a deep red or orange color. Not only will you see small bursts of color spread throughout the wintery white, you will also provide food to winter birds and other animals in the area. Winter-producing trees and shrubs include holly trees and members of the larger hawthorn family of trees.

Add a vibrant pop of color by planting poinsettias around your home. This festive plant grows in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, lilac and various shades of each color. Place a few potted poinsettias on the front steps to welcome holiday visitors and bring a cheerful hello to each and every one that comes knocking on your door.

For more landscaping tips and ideas, contact our trained staff at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving all of the Northern Virginia area, our team can deliver the landscaping dreams your are looking for.