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Add Curb Appeal with Stepping Stones Leading to a Water Feature on you Aldie, VA Property

Homeowners in the McLean, VA and Springfield, VA areas looking for ways to increase the curb appeal of their home should consider improving their landscaping. When a flowerbed or garden just isn't enough to do the trick, adding a water feature and stepping stones may be exactly what you seek. Follow these tips to make the best decision regarding your new water feature and stepping stones and you are sure to be happy with the results for many years to come.

Begin by deciding what your true intent is. Are you looking for a tranquil pond to relax and unwind next to, or a garden pond with a bubbling brook to add an extra touch or two? If you find the sound of flowing water adds the tranquility you desire, maybe a splashing waterfall or flowing fountain would be perfect for your Vienna, VA home. Determining what you want to accomplish before beginning will help you - and our landscaping experts at Lost Creek Landscapes - complete the job accurately and to your specifications.

Keep in mind a water feature can be anything that includes water; your options are not limited to a simple pond. Water features can include potted fish bowls, birdbaths, bubbler statues or even a flowing man-made brook that surrounds your property and is fed by an electric pump. Whatever you would like create with water and landscaping such as stepping stones, can be brought to your Herndon, VA property.

Is there one particular area of your property that you believe could be highlighted better, or a spot you just want to do something different with? These are the types of areas that are perfect for a landscaped water feature. Traditionally speaking most water features are placed in the backyard because of the extra space typically offered. However, there are no rules of landscaping to say the water feature such as a fountain or bubbler pond must go in the back yard, so keep an open mind and lookout for the perfect place in the front yard too.

For more information on picking the perfect location for a backyard water feature and stepping stones, contact our experts at Lost Creek Landscapes today.