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Protect Your Northern Virginia Landscape and Plants From Salt and Chemicals this Winter


Salt damages plants from the roots and eventually works its way up to the top. The plants may not show any sign of salt damage initially, but through the years, it will increase and become evident. The salt burns the roots of the plant or tree, and leads to browning in the lowest branches and then the entire plant, tree or shrub will dry out and die. The safety of your family and friends is an obvious concern, and you can provide protection from falls while still protecting your landscape from salt-burned roots.

Avoid melting products that contain sodium chloride, this is the worst ice-melting product available for landscapes. Look for melters that contain calcium chloride as the main ingredient; calcium chloride releases must slower reducing the impact on trees and shrubs.

Consider using naturally salt-resistant plants in your landscaping designs. Oak is the most tolerant of tree species, while cherry, willow, blue spruce and most pine trees – except the white pine – handle salt exposure well. Fir, all variety of maples, beech and hemlock trees should be avoided as these trees are highly susceptible to salt exposure.

Never let piles of salty snow accumulate on your flower beds, lawn or at the base of trees or shrubs. If in the spring you see signs of salt damage, add gypsum to the soil each year to improve the structure of the soil and improve the drainage.


Hardscaping can also be damaged from ice-melting products.

For additional tips and methods of saving your Northern Virginia landscape, call the team of professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving all of the Northern Virginia region for more than 10 years in the cities of Chantilly, Great Falls, Haymarket, Manassas, Middleburg and Warrenton, Lost Creek Landscapes offers great customer service with unmatched expertise. Call today for your consultation.