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How To Create A Pristine Northern Virginia Landscape

Warm weather is not the only thing spring has delivered to Northern Virginia. The Northern Virginia landscape has seen the blossoming of trees, shrubs, and flowers. This spring, make sure your Northern Virginia home fits the profile. Every home deserves to have the crisp and pristine look. Lost Creek Landscapes has developed a short article touching upon some key tips that will make your home landscape looking its best throughout spring and into summer.

To begin, no lawn achieves that picture-perfect look without some maintenance. Carefully scour your property removing any trash, leaves, dead branches, etc. Lost Creek Landscapes recommends that all homeowners collect leaves and dead branches. Spending as much as 15-20 minutes a week checking your property for weeds, trash, leaves, and dead branches will effectively help you create a pristine spring lawn.

Using the collection of leaves and dead branches, Northern Virginia homeowners can make their own mulch. Mulch plays a large roll in the overall success of your Northern Virginia home's landscape. Mulch is responsible for preventing weeds from growing in your flowerbeds and will help maintain appropriate moisture levels in order for plants and flowers to grow.

Homeowner should also look into purchasing fertilizer. Use a fertilizer applicator when spreading fertilizer throughout the yard. The fertilizer will help replenish the nutrients lost to your lawn during the cooler months. To ensure the success of your spring landscape, Lost Creek Landscapes recommends that you hold off on planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. Spring weather throughout Northern Virginia can be unpredictable, planting after May 15th will guarantee that your new landscaping will not be affected by freezing temperatures.

Lost Creek Landscapes offers complete professional landscape design services to all of our Northern Virginia customers. With over 30 years experience in both the commercial landscaping and residential landscaping field, Lost Creek Landscapes will help you design your ideal outdoor setting.