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Planting and Hardscaping in Northern Virginia

In Northern Virginia it can be difficult to take a stand on your planting because of the changeable weather we have. From one year to the next we have wild variations in heat and cold and in the amount of rain or snow that we get. Some years we have a beautiful landscape in which we can spend as much of our free time as we like. In other years we just want to stay in the house. Yet, in Alexandria it really is possible to have a beautifully landscaped yard with appropriate planting.

Lost Creek Landscapes can design a landscape for you that suits your needs -- whether that be for entertaining, for playing outdoor games, for children to roam, or places for play kit and outbuildings. We can design in walkways to give you access to your outbuildings. We can design links to your ponds and pathways to your panoramas. With your hard landscaping in place you can then add plants. In Alexandria, VA there is a wide range of plants that flourish. Although it is true that not all will flourish in all years, most will flourish in many years. A landscaper, such as Lost Creek, with knowledge of local plant behavior will be able to help you choose plants that will do as best as possible in your enviroment. Plants are living beings so can be unpredictable -- occasionally they just won't grow -- but again, like living beings, if they are chosen to suit their environment they have a good chance of doing very well. The important factors to consider for the survival of plants are soil, location, climate, light -- length of day and intensity of light -- temperature and moisture) are carefully. From among plants that will live comfortably in your garden, you can choose the ones that flatter your landscape: trailing plants to soften edges, strong shapes to enhance definition, tall plants for screening and low plants for ground cover, colors that pop or recede, fragrant plants to delight your nose and attract honey bees. At Lost Creek Landscapes we can both design your landscape plan and design your planting scheme.