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Create an Outdoor Living Space Through Landscaping

Through the years, many designers have suggested clients use the outdoors to make the house feel larger through visually extending rooms into the lawn, garden or patio creating an outdoor living space. This is easier than it sounds with the use of appropriate materials and design plan.

Using the same materials – or at least the same color scheme—inside and out as well as strategically placed windows, your living room, dining room or even master bedrooms can flow outdoors to decks, bricked terraces or lattice-roofed spaces. Vines, fences, flowers, shrubs and shade trees aid in creating an outdoor living space, making it more inviting for entertaining or relaxing.

Using vines such as grape vines, hyacinth or gourd vine on latticework provides shade in the summer months when it’s needed, but drop their leaves as cooler weather sets in. These vines grow quickly, providing the best results for both added decoration and functionality.

When possible, situation your outdoor living space near shade trees for optimal comfort and protection from the sun. However, if this is not an option, consider a self-bracing terrace roof extending from your house.

Making your outdoor living space as conveniently located as possible will increase its use. Converting an existing window to a French door will make enjoying your new space as easy as stepping out the door and into relaxation.

Tie your outdoor living space in with the rest of your landscape by incorporating flowers, vines and ornamental grasses in pots, baskets, tubs or any other container that matches your overall décor. Building multi-layer flowerbeds adds dimension to your landscape while also conserving space through building up rather than out.

For more information about creating your own outdoor living space, contact the landscape professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including Clifton, VA, Great Falls, VA, Newington, VA, Reston, VA and Woodbridge, VA, Lost Creek Landscapes employees are professionally trained and equipped with the best knowledge and tools in the landscaping industry, and are constantly rewarded for pleasing our customers.