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Inspiration from the Historic Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg

Landscaping has been a popular activity for hundreds -- possibly thousands of years, and thanks to the varied terrain -- both flat and hilly -- and fertile soil, Northern Virginia is a great place to see beautiful gardens. If you're considering a new landscape design, you might consider gaining inspiration from visiting the area's historic homes.

One example of an attractively landscaped historic home right here in Northern Virginia, and accessible from Fairfax, Chantilly and Ashburn -- and even not too bad a drive from as far away as Alexandria, if you travel at the right time of day -- is the Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg. A visit to Oatlands provides a great opportunity to see elegant 19th Century hard landscaping. Even though Oatlands is on a scale far larger than that of most residences, you can get all kinds of ideas for your own landscape design. If you see a look you like, Lost Creek Landscapes can provide expert designers to help you interpret that landscape look or feel for your own space.

Lost Creek Landscapes can recreate or interpret historic looks, or provide you with something completely new and modern. Or, if you prefer, something in between. These landscape changes can be large or small, depending on your space and your budget. To get a historic look you could use something as simple as a little urn, reminiscent of something you saw at a historic home, or a patio done in the style of an antique courtyard. For a more dramatic change, consider retaining walls to create formal terracing to change or enhance the contours of your yard. Landscape design enhancements -- large or small -- bring glamor to your outdoor environment and make your space into the landscape that suits your personality and your life.

Oatlands is also bursting with plants that you can view to get ideas for your own planting. Again, Lost Creek Landscapes will be happy to consult with you on where to obtain these plants and how these would work in your own landscape design.