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The Importance of Erosion Landscaping and Drainage In Residential Northern Virginia

Those residents of all Northern Virginia towns, from Arlington to Leesburg, are no strangers to the precipitous nature of the mid-Atlantic weather. Northern Virginia has seen its fair share of blizzards as well as monsoons throughout the year. The effects of such inclement weather can result in disastrous damage to your property. The effects of heavy rain and snow, overtime, put the integrity of your home and property at severe risk. Lost Creek Landscapes is an award winning Northern Virginia landscape design and build firm that has been offering quality landscape and masonry services for over 10 years. Large enough to handle the big jobs, but small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve and expect, Lost Creek Landscapes can help you fix and prevent further erosion damage to your property with innovative erosion landscaping and drainage installation.

Erosion and drainage are one of the most integral parts to any landscaping plan. Any kind of precipitation and landscape irrigation can quickly damage your landscaping and surrounding structures and hardscaping. For those homeowners who have the pleasure to live on a hillside, you may find yourself most at risk. In the short term, such landscaping techniques as grass, mulch, and matting have the ability to combat erosion. Grass grows rapidly and takes a direct hold to your soil making it a landscaper's first option when battling erosion. Mulch and matting are used to help absorb moisture on contact and work extremely well on hillside properties.

In the long term, barriers such as hardscaping or carefully placed large boulders will also help prevent further erosion damage to your property. Adding large rocks in steeper areas slows the flow of water and eroding soils. Rails and timbers can be placed to overlap at right angles, acting like a zipper. Stones, placed in the yard to mimic a streambed, will protect the soil beneath and can direct water and runoff to a central location or drainage hole. In some cases, drainage is directed toward the home instead of away. Lost Creek Landscapes can rework your drainage system away from your home, protecting the foundation from soft soil and preventing your home from shifting.

At Lost Creek we provide creative solutions to problem areas. Our professional services will add value to your home, as well as years of enjoyment. With our experience and knowledge, no one's valuable time or investment is wasted. At Lost Creek Landscapes we respect the time and money invested in your project. Do not let erosion and drainage get the best of you. Contact us today!