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Create Usable Space with a Multi-Level Landscape

Looking for an inventive, aesthetically-stimulating way to increase the usable space in your landscape? Bring it to the next level — by adding some levels! Outdoor living spaces distributed throughout several levels can make the most of a small or difficult space. For optimal usability, designate an activity for each level — one level can boast a flagstone patio or a brick patio built for entertaining, while another can accommodate an herb or flower garden, while yet another can be outfitted with a horseshoe pit for recreation. Multi-level landscapes are a great option for yards with pools, as the pool can be separated from a designated cooking or conversation space. Steep areas can be made more usable with terracing.

Hardscaping to Create Levels

Multi-level backyard terraces and areas play a trick on the eye, making your space appear much larger and much more three-dimensional. Levels are a great way to draw attention to focal points such as sculptures, patios, or even pergolas. To create a seamless transition between each level, consider planting tall grass plants to soften the edges of a level, or scatter small hedges and trees to create a sense of privacy around a designated level. To distinguish hardscaped levels from one another, mix and match your hardscape materials — perhaps use porcelain tiles for one level, and concrete pavers for another.

For more landscaping tips on how to make the most of your space, contact Lost Creek Landscapes. Providing a full suite of landscaping and masonry services, Lost Creek Landscapes is fully licensed and insured throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, and has served the Northern Virginia region since 1997.