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Rock Gardens Add Low-Maintenance Beauty to Your Northern Virginia Landscape

Rock gardens are an ideal way to make the best of tricky landscape areas, or to just add low-maintenance, low-water visual interest to your Fairfax, Reston, or Woodbridge yard.  Rock gardens adapt well to areas with less than ideal soil and low moisture – simply because rocks don’t need water or soil to thrive! However, any flowers or plants included in your rock garden must be able to adapt to your garden environment; thankfully, most plants that are suited for rock gardens are naturally drought-tolerant and hardy.

A rock garden can act as a focal point for your yard or add visual depth to a small portion of your yard, as rock garden features can require very little garden space. Rock gardens appear the most natural when arranged in a random, rather than uniform, manner, which mimics the natural landscape. Water features can enhance a rock garden’s naturalistic feel and add another element of interest, while succulents, annuals, or even plants like native honeysuckle can bring a splash of color.

For more information on hardscaping and how a rock garden can greatly enhance your Northern Virginia landscape, contact Lost Creek Landscapes. Providing a full suite of landscaping and hardscaping services throughout the Northern Virginia area, Lost Creek Landscapes is also fully licensed and insured throughout Maryland and Washington DC.