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Plants Need Water To Survive

It is no secret humans can go longer without food to eat than they can without water to drink, and plants are very similar. When sufficient water is not available to keep your plants healthy and vibrant, they must receive adequate sunlight – adequate according to the individual plants’ requirements – and plenty of water throughout the day. One of the first indications your lawn and landscaping needs attention is when your grass begins to turn a silvery blue color, before it eventually becomes brown.

When footprints can be easily detected in the lawn, it is definitely time to water the land and accompanying landscaping plants. When a lawn and landscape design is healthy and well maintained, the ground beneath the grass will spring back to its original shape when pressure and weight are removed.

When water is needed, you can safely provide your thirsty plants and grass with a refreshing drink – regardless the time of day. For lawns that are simply being maintained as they regularly receive plenty of water, the late evenings and middle of the afternoon watering are best avoided. During the late evening, you can unknowingly promote the growth of fungus and during the hottest part of the day you may simply be wasting water as the sun dries it up as quickly as it is sprayed out. For the best maintenance watering routine, water your lawn early in the morning to ensure plenty of drying time before the sun sets in the evening.

For more tips on properly caring for your landscaping and lawn, contact the landscape professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes. Our employees are professionally trained and equipped with the best knowledge and tools in the landscaping industry, and are constantly rewarded for pleasing our customers.