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Consider Shrubs For Added Home Security

Landscaping features such as carefully selected shrubs can enhance the safety and security of your Centreville, VA home at a minimal cost to you as the homeowner. Working with landscape designers and landscape architects, such as those at Lost Creek Landscapes will help ensure you are choosing the proper variety for your intended use.

Perhaps one of the best natural defenses against home intruders from a landscaping perspective is the thorny shrub. Strategically planting thorny shrubs under windows, near fences and all entry ways will keep intruders away, while also deterring wandering dogs from digging in flower beds and near other landscaping features on your Great Falls VA property.

One of the most common types of thorny shrubs is the Spanish bayonet, commonly known as the yucca. This variety of evergreen shrub has long, dagger-like leaves that are approximately two-feet in length once they reach maturity. The sharp ends easily cut skin and produce an incision that leaves a painful, burning cut that will not easily be forgotten. Reaching full maturity height of eight to 10 feet they easily survive drought, poor soil conditions and extreme weather.

The flying dragon, or the poncirus, is an evergreen shrub that consists of thick, spiny shoots which grow in a spiral twisted shape with fragrant white flowers, followed by orange-like fruit. Reaching a height of 10 to 12 feet at full maturity, it thrives in full sun and is hardy enough to survive cold weather and in partial shade, making it perfect for the Haymarket, VA area.

Finding the right combination of beauty and home protection is where the landscaping professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes come in. The landscaping experts at Lost Creek Landscapes will guide you in the right direction and help your Northern Virginia property reach its full potential.