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Landscaping Style Guide for Northern Virginia Character

No matter how much time you spend bent over planting annuals and perennials, the best decision you can make for your garden is to identify the overall look that works well for your home.

Nothern Virgnia gardens have a distinctive look reflecting the history of the area, the local climate and the soil conditions, so look at other homes in your area for landscaping examples. Always start with what you like and then narrow those options down to what you can actually grow locally. Sammy in his downtown Washington DC courtyard may like palm trees, but that doesn't mean you should try to grow them on a Northern Virginia hillside.

Here are some landscape tips for choosing the right flowers for your home garden.

Lost Creek Landscapes has served all of the Northern Virginia area since 1997. Fully licensed and insured in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, Lost Creek Landscapes can help create the perfect flower garden and landscape for your home. For more information on how to create the look and feel you want, contact the professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes today.