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Build a Wildlife Oasis With Creative Landscaping

Most Northern Virginia residents look forward to relaxing in the privacy of their own backyard after a long day at work, and there are ways to turn your ordinary landscape into a private sanctuary. Most people find that a back yard filled with the sights and sounds of nature to be a source of inspiration and relaxation. What better than stepping outside your door and enveloping yourself in the tranquility of all nature's glory? .

Attract more birds with bird feeders incorporated into your landscape design. Choose bird feeders that are large enough to hold enough bird food for at least three days and then find a location in your landscape design that is both convenient and can easily be seen from indoors. If you want to plant your landscape based on attracting birds, then you want to be able to see them.

Landscaping your environment to attract birds is one way to have both the beauty of nature and the cheerful sounds of the fluttery friends. Bird watching is not only enjoyable and entertaining, but also a very relaxing - and easy - hobby to pick-up. Creating a landscape that attracts birds provides the opportunity to enjoy the visual appeal of flowering plants and bushes with the ever-changing accompaniment of birds.

Always include strategically placed birdfeeders in your landscaping plans if your intent is to sit back and enjoy the natural surroundings. For example, rather than placing the birdfeeders in the backyard along the property line or privacy fence, move them closer to your deck, patio or sitting area.

Also, think about the type of birds you will enjoy watching the most. If you are a hummingbird enthusiast, placing hummingbird feeders in various locations is a great option. There are many bird-specific types of food available on the market today, and once the neighborhood birds learn your home is the one-stop-shop for a food supply, they will quickly become regular guests.

Don't forget the other necessity for birds - water. Whether you purchase a small, inexpensive birdfeeder at your local hardware store or build an intricate stone or concrete birdbath, the option is yours and the desired effect is the same.

For more information on creating a backyard bird paradise on your Northern Virginia property, contact the area's leading landscaping professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes today.