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Tips For Planting A Rose Garden At Your Northern Virginia Home

Roses are the time-honored tradition for feelings of romance and beauty, making it no wonder many homeowners want to turn their backyard into a rose garden to rival the professionals. All it takes is time, patience and planting the right combinations of roses to achieve your desired look.

Three of the most popular types of roses for planting a rose garden are Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Grandiflora. These are rose bushes that range in height from four- to eight-feet tall. The Hybrid Tea rose typically grows upward, producing single blooms that thrive throughout the season; this is also the type of rose that produces traditional long-stem roses. The Grandiflora rose also is a tall variety that produces clusters of blooms larger than the Hybrid Tea rose and grows to reach about the same height. The Floribunda roses are much smaller, but also produce lavish blooms throughout the season.

Give roses a place to grow upward and climbing roses add a beautiful touch to your backyard rose garden. Turn a plain chain link fence or deck trellis into a wall of gorgeous roses, such as the Joseph’s Coat rose. Joseph’s Coat roses change appearance as they bloom, as they start out yellow and then gradually change to orange and then ultimately into a deep red blossom.

Roses should be planted approximately three-feet apart to allow for proper growth of the bush and the roots. To plant a rose bush of any variety in a container, dig a hole about two or three times the size as the root ball and about one-foot deep in the center.

For more information on planting a rose garden or growing roses in your Northern Virginia backyard, contact the professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving the communities of Falls Church, VA, Gainesville, VA, Newington, VA, Oakton, VA, Potomac Falls, VA and all of the Northern Virginia area, the landscape experts at Lost Creek Landscape can help you achieve the rose garden of your dreams.