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Incorporating Garden Ornaments in Your Landscape

Looking for an easy way to bring a sense of drama to your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC landscape? Then look no further than adding planters and garden ornaments, ranging from vases, urns, water features, sculpture, fountains and birdbaths — and maybe even a garden gnome — to your outdoor space. Garden ornaments and d�cor can be unexpected, whimsical, and relaxing, and with the right placement, can make a statement that sets your backyard apart. Garden ornaments are also an ideal way to express your own personal style — but with a sense of tasteful constraint.

When choosing and incorporating garden ornaments into your Northern Virginia landscape, there's a fine line between adding punches of visual interest and simply overloading your yard. Oftentimes, a garden accessory can add utility to your landscape. Want to draw the eye to a certain part of your backyard and attract birds to your space? You can accomplish both goals by adding a birdbath into your home landscape.

Garden ornaments and accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even find some in the natural landscape. Pieces of driftwood, tree limbs, and large rocks can be interesting substitutes for store-bought sculptures. When shopping for garden ornaments, keep your eyes peeled for such popular selections as stained glass, benches, sundials, weathervanes, sculptures, and even arbors.

When choosing a landscape accessory, ask yourself whether or not the ornament truly relates to the overall landscape design. To aid in your landscape design, have an ornament's place in mind before you bring it home. Make sure its scale is appropriate for the space in which you intend to place it. However, don't be afraid to experiment and move landscape elements around until you find the right spot for your new garden ornament. Once you decide on its ideal space within your yard, incorporate plantings or even add outdoor lighting to accentuate the accessory.

Lost Creek Landscapes not only specializes in building custom stacked stone garden urns and planters, but also knows how to incorporate such features to create a balanced, beautiful outdoor space. Serving the Northern Virginia region since 1997 and fully licenses and insured in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, Lost Creek Landscapes is your one-stop shop for garden ornaments, landscape, masonry, and design services.