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Benefits of A Flagstone Patio For Your Vienna, VA Backyard

The flagstone patio offers some benefits other types of patios do not. The materials available for patios are varied, but flagstone is a building material used by builders for a number of years, due in part to its beautiful and rustic appearance. Flagstone is perfect for use in building a patio for nearly any home in the Northern Virginia area.

The relatively low maintenance requirements of flagstone make it desirable to many. Add to that the ease of installation and flagstone quickly becomes the favorite go-to material for patio construction. Since it is a natural stone, it can be somewhat delicate unless handled and installed correctly; but when done right, a flagstone patio can easily last up to 50 years. The way in which a flagstone patio is constructed allows for movement during the freeze-thaw cycles that may cause other materials to wear or break.

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of a flagstone patio is the true uniqueness of each installation. You are unlikely to ever find two flagstone patios that are identical, simply because of the natural stones used. The coloring of each flagstone will vary, as will the size, shape and texture. So if you are looking for a patio with a standardized, uniform appearance, a flagstone patio is probably not the best choice for your Haymarket, VA home. .

If by chance a single stone in your flagstone patio is damaged, it is significantly easier to repair than other types of patios. Rather than having to remove a large portion and seam it back together, you can replace the broken or missing stone and it is as good as new once again.

For more information on installing or designing a flagstone patio for your Northern Virginia property, contact us today at Lost Creek Landscapes.