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Landscaping Plants That Are Easy To Grow In Northern Virginia Gardens

Everyone always asks if you garden and what you like to plant and grow in your landscaping plan. For some, the answer is ” nothing, I kill everything“ and those people need to take heart — here are some plants even the most unskilled gardener can grow in Northern Virginia.

Daylilies are sturdy plants known well in the landscaping world. These sturdy plants can withstand the abuse of being left out of the soil without water for many months before being planted, and most can survive in full sunshine or total shade. This feature alone makes daylilies a prime candidate for the inexperienced gardener.

The bright red salvia plant is usually used as a bedding plant. The purple blooms pop out in the mid-spring and last through early fall, lasting through the dramatic temperature changes Northern Virginia is known for. The strength of the salvia plant comes from the deep roots, which seek and store water for times of drought — either naturally occurring or manmade. The roots also allow the salvia plant to regenerate itself if the top of the plant is destroyed.

The sun-loving sedums also have deep roots providing again for a sturdy plant that can withstand most abuses. The popular Autumn Joy sedum is propagated through simply plucking a leaf and tucking it in decent garden soil. In about 30 days, you will have a new sedum sprouting from the base of the withering leaf.

And last, but not least, hostas grow nearly anywhere. Hostas grow in all types of sunlight — direct, indirect, shade, partial shade or full shade — and need little water to survive. Naturally, hostas will flourish if given proper care and water, but it isn't necessary for the green plants to grow and thrive.

For more information on choosing the right plants for your experience level — not to mention for your Northern Virginia landscaping design — contact the experts at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving all of Northern Virginia and the entire Washington DC metro area, the landscaping experts at Lost Creek Landscapes can provide insight and expertise for your gardening needs.