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Brick Pattern Ideas for Your Northern Virginia Patio

Looking for a textured, visually appealing look for your new Northern Virginia patio? Look no further than brick. Brick is an extremely versatile material to work with, meaning it can be laid in a number of patterns to suit any landscape.

Considered as the most well-known brick pattern, the running bond is commonly used for patios and paths and is identified for its straight row design. The running bond can appear both formal and informal and can even be set at slight angles to create a curved effect. The basket weave pattern yields a more casual look, as bricks are laid vertically and then horizontally in pairs, creating a tiled look.

A more formal look, herringbone resembles a zig-zag pattern, while a long solider course pattern is marked by a row of vertically-stacked bricks, which works well for narrow paths and space. Finally, the stacked bond is made up of bricks stacked in even rows and columns, lending to a simple, modern look.

Planning Brick Hardscaping

When planning your patio brick pattern, consider your space and the look you�re trying to achieve, whether that is formal, informal, contemporary, or relaxed. For a personalized touch, consider a custom pattern or even a checkerboard pattern using two brick colors. Angles are an unexpected touch for brick patios and often work well for awkward spaces.

For a professional take on which brick pattern would best suit your Northern Virginia landscape, contact Lost Creek Landscapes. Providing a full suite of landscaping and hardscaping services throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Mount Vernon, Gainesville, and Potomac Falls, Lost Creek Landscapes is also fully licensed and insured throughout Maryland and Washington DC.