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The Benefits of Using River Rock in Your Northern Virginia Landscape

When looking to facelift your Northern Virginia yard, go back to nature by incorporating river rock in your landscape design. River rocks vary in size and colors, ranging from pea-sized to boulders and featuring dark browns, tans, blacks, and even pink hues. No matter its size or shape, river rock features a soft rounded shape and smooth finish resulting from the rocks being worn down by water currents over time.

River rock is an extremely popular rock landscaping option, as river rocks can be used as garden filler or even as retaining wall material. River rock is a great alternative to mulch when used in flowerbeds. As opposed to mulch, river rock keeps weeds to a minimum, protects plant roots, and even conserves water, as the ground underneath the rock stays moist.

River rock's economical features don't end with its tendency to conserve water and protect your plants. Adding river rock to you yard can add texture, dimension, height, and depth to your Northern Virginia landscape design, create pathways and waterfalls, define borders, or add visual interest to an otherwise dull section. Larger stones placed in groups of three or five create a sense of drama. When using river rock for pathways, make sure you use flagstone or a similar hard, flat rock for stepping stones, as river rock easily moves around, creating potential for stumbling.

For more river rock landscaping tips and tricks, call landscape specialist Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving the Northern Virginia region for more then 10 years and fully licensed and insured in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, Lost Creek Landscapes understands the ins and outs of landscape design and how to keep your Northern Virginia yard beautiful and functional.