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Adding a Pond or Water Feature To Your Northern Virginia Property

With spring finally here and summer quickly approaching, why not add a new element to your Northern Virginia property. The sound of tricking water originating from a pond or fountain — or the sight of koi peacefully swimming — is the perfect way to compliment the Northern Virginia landscape. Lost Creek Landscapes specializes in all types of ponds, fountain, and water features.

A pond or fountain will serve as a focal point for your property. Depending upon your taste and style, ponds can be customized to match. At Lost Creek Landscapes, we work hand-in-hand with the homeowner to create the ideal pond or water feature. When deciding on the type of pond or water feature it is important to explore your options. Some ponds come pre-molded. The area where the pond or water feature will be installed is dug out to match the shape of the mold. Once the mold has been installed, the excess dirt is packed around the mold to secure its place. Homeowners who desire to have a bit more creativity and originality can customize the shape of the pond or water feature.

Pond Hardscaping Materials

A pond or water feature can be enhanced with the installation of rock or a specific type of stone. Beneath the earth's surface, many Northern Virginia residents can find rock to use in their pond or water feature. For a more uniform and customizable option, homeowners may choose manufactured stone to finish off their pond design. Local stone mined from Virginia quarries is a desirable option and local favorite for many homeowners.

Whatever avenue you choose, rest assured that Lost Creek Landscape will deliver and create the property you desire. Lost Creek Landscape offers complete professional landscaping design services throughout Northern Virginia.