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Cabinets and Sinks ForYour Northern Virginia Outdoor Kitchen

The construction of an outdoor kitchen adds value to your Washington DC home, as well as added convenience and entertainment value. When planning an outdoor kitchen, you can have more than just a broiler, a refrigerator and a picnic table. You can benefit from the same amenities and appliances in your outdoor kitchen as you do in your traditional indoor kitchen.

What about the other conveniences of your indoor kitchen that you will surely miss in your outdoor kitchen, such as the cabinets and a sink, wouldn't these be nice in your outdoor kitchen as well? These may seem like unnecessary items, but don't be fooled — they are well worth the investment and will make enjoying your outdoor kitchen that much easier.

Even though your indoor kitchen cabinets are typically used for storage of flatware, food items and serving utensils, your outdoor kitchen cabinets are perfect for other uses as well. Consider the propane tanks used to fire up your grill — wouldn't it be nice to have a spare in an easy to locate place? The installation of kitchen cabinets in your outdoor kitchen allows you to store extra propane tanks, charcoal, a refuse container and more. Keeping these item close by — while still hidden from sight — makes the chef's life that much easier.

Don't forget the sink. Even though you may have to invest a bit more to incorporate a sink in your outdoor kitchen, the effort and time you save will more than make up for it. Prevent the spread of food borne illnesses such as salmonella by simply washing your hands outside after putting that chicken on the grill, rather than contaminating door handles and other objects as you make your way inside.

Creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams is as easy as contacting the design professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes. More than just a landscaping company, out professionally trained staff is ready to assist you plan and design your outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen will be safe and built to last and comply with all the correct building codes for outdoor equipment. From landscaping around the roof-covered patio to building a permanent structure, your outdoor kitchen can become a reality quicker than you ever expected.